Secret weapon in buying a home…do you have it?

February 8, 2019

Secret weapon in buying a home…do you have it?

House hunting?  You may be narrowing your list of “wants and needs” to budget and select a home, neighbourhood, schools, transit, commuting time, dog parks etc. for your next move.  BUT, have you considered the “secret weapon” you need before you step into your first open house or cruise the postal code of your choice…a Realtor®?

There are many powerful consumer-friendly web search tools for you which is KEY: Knowledge Empowers You.  But now that you are ready to actually view a property remember this:

  1. you are a Buyer and the homeowner is a Seller.  The Seller has a professional, licensed expert, a Realtor® aiding them in selling their home.
  2. What do you have?  A Buyer’s Agent is an essential asset to help a Buyer understand the basics and the nuances of getting the price that is fair today in what may be your biggest life investment.
  3. Bring the “secret weapon”: your wingman…a Realtor®.

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Today I have added 2 interesting articles on the concepts of having a Buyer’s Agent.

Where and why do I sign?

Your game your rules!

Read these articles and then start a conversation with me about how to arrange your own “secret weapon”.  Let’s Mark-it-SOLD!

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P.S.  Wingman…